Arv Bangle

Arv Bangle

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Our Arv Bangle is a unique two-piece bracelet that clasps together with magnets. Made from resin, this chunky bangle allows for easy wear and removal on every wrist size. This design is hand poured, meaning each piece is unique in design.

 This piece is handmade in China by Macocity. Our resin pieces are made by pouring liquid resin into silicone moulds which is then left to cure. Each piece is then cleaned, drilled and polished. Resin is extremely durable, light and isn't affected by water damage.

Internal diameter: Approximately 6 cm
Internal height: Approximately 5.2 cm


Resin can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth or cleaned in cold water if needed. The surface can scratch if exposed to abrasive surfaces and lighter colours can be affected by sunscreens, make up or other liquids - especially if tinted. For best care, we suggest wiping your piece down after wear.