Maggie Stephenson x Kollab Toiletry Stash Bag
Maggie Stephenson x Kollab Toiletry Stash Bag

Maggie Stephenson x Kollab Toiletry Stash Bag

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Display it. Pack it. Or travel with it. Toiletry Stash is your go-to for a stylish, versatile & easily transportable storage solution. Decorate your bathroom shelf with it today, and store lego in it tomorrow!

> Water resistant construction.
> 2 compartments and 3 zip pockets
> Cotton-look handles or leather-look handles depending on design.

SIZE: L 27cm, H 11cm, D 18cm

For a beautiful compliment to your travel apparel, why not include the Kollab Poppies Toiletry Stash Bag in your fashion repertoire.  Designed in collaboration with international artist Maggie Stephenson, Kollab Poppies range of Toiletry Stash bags boasts both beauty and practicality with 5 separate compartments for you to store your most personal items.  The design is versatile and inside the specially lined bag, 3 of the 5 compartments come with handy zip pockets.  The vegan leather look handle makes the bag easy to carry separately or you can place it inside your larger luggage. Kollab Stash Bags are designed to be water resistant and keep the rest of your luggage dry. These bags are so handy for mums on the run and are perfect to pack with items for your younger kids to keep their special treasures together. Like all the Kollab collection, Stash Bags are easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and hang out to dry.  Kollab Toiletry Stash Bags are a stunning addition to the Kollab Poppies range of everyday essentials. They make great gift ideas and are a great match with Kollab Poppies range of Shopper Tote Bags.